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I would like to share you a question: What image springs to mind when you think of a fashion bloggers? Unsurprisingly, there are many stereotypical views held about fashion bloggers which include:

Please welcome the fabulously fashionable my favorite blog for keeping up with the latest trends from fashion designers. I openly admit to being a bit fashion-challenged (who says you can’t pair a puffy pink skirt with a fitted dinosaur T-shirt?), so has generously offered to share her wisdom when it comes to the best of this year’s fall fashions! With fall officially underway, it is now fully acceptable to invest in a couple seasonal essentials that will seamlessly transition into your upcoming winter wardrobe. A former fast-fashion addict myself I now invest in a few American-made, durable staples that will last me for seasons to come.

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A lot of the fashion week activity takes place in one big, beautiful building at the Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal though, so I did not get far. Deciding to sulk standing in the back, listening to some great old soul determined to figure out the mystery of fashion week. At least I did see some far-out, high-fashion clothing. Again, knowing nothing about fashion, I had picked the show I thought had the coolest name They make knitwear. It was lovely, but all very nice and normal clothing people already wear, I think. With crisp, clean lines and muted, subtle colouring, there was a parade of sweater sets, scarves and pencil skirts.

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Designer menswear style blogger of Milan tells us what to look out for over London Fashion Week and how to incorporate pieces from these collections into your wardrobe. In February it is London Fashion Week which will see the famous event’s ‘Menswear Day’ for the 3rd year running now, with British designers getting to unveil what they think us gents will be wearing. Due to advanced software technologies, I have noticed the cross-pollination of concepts and vocabulary not only between fashion and architectures; but also between fashion and other design disciplines like interior, furniture, lighting and product design. Let us examine how ‘draping’ a fashion strategy, applies in this cross section of design

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Hello! It’s Fatshion Insider is fast approaching and although the weather is changing, you don’t have to pack away all of your favourite summer pieces just yet. As far as I’m concerned, the best thing about autumn is being able to layer fabulous pieces in order to create a really cool pulled together look. I love mixing and matching both textures and patterns so below are a few easy ways to takes summer pieces into autumn

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Throw a pretty blouse over your black dress to give your wardrobe an instant skirt! If you have a button-down blouse, you can leave the bottom few buttons undone and knot it at your waistline for some classy curves. Sass up your dress with some bright booties, and before you head outside wrap a circle scarf around your neck and top it off with a furry hat. Wear this look when you want to stand out at a business luncheon or conference. Modern-day fashionistas like to think that they are cat-walking the newest trends, but our grandmother’s know better: what looks hot today, looked hot twenty, fifty, even seventy years ago, and most of them have had the closets to prove it

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People seek entertainment in several ways. The hands and wrists open and close since the online games character sorts speak. Ask them folks who suffer from played in game arcades and you will then see they simply cannot deny entertainment they have perhaps have just found. When the heroes will be colored, the characters develop into portion of exceptionally cute and entertaining animated scenes. There are a lot of hype and chatter about the upcoming movie version of The Hunger Games. Something that really caught my attention is what I’ve been hearing about the brilliant futuristic beauty developments that the citizens of the book have at their disposal.

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You focus on the positives as you tentatively dip your toe in the waters of personal style blogging. This is where you get to dress up in things from your wardrobe that do not make you feel like you’re having a fat day and then get your husband to take pictures of you. In public places. Whilst passers by look on in bemusement and your daughter rapidly exceeds her time limit of five minutes before she gets bored and starts creating havoc! And you all the while you tell yourself that it doesn’t matter that you’re not a size 8 and old enough to be the mother of some of your fashion blogging friends.

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The person willing to experiment and stand out from a crowd will love the hottest trend that making a comeback. Stylish Head Scarves are the latest fashion fad being revived from the 1930s, 1960s and 1970s. The 1930s style is a take on the Rosie the Riveter iconography and implies that the woman is feminine, yet tough. The 1960s headscarf is folded into a triangle and ties underneath the chin. This glamorous look was donned by screen stars like Audrey Hepburn. The mod hippie type of look is borrowed from the 1970s. The head wraps come in a variety of colors, fabrics and can be tied in an array of flattering chic styles.

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Sometimes we let other people join the Fashion Week fray. Connor Wilson is one of those people. Here he delivers his top 10 items and/or uniforms from the college lacrosse season. One of the best parts of Fashion Week is the commentary. The opinion can be good, bad, varied, reasoned or irrational and in the end, it doesn’t really matter either way, because it’s all totally subjective. As long as one keeps that in mind and does not get TOO swept up in “looking good”, the good times are there to be had by all Other than the obvious grammatical butchery of the English language, I think the third is our winner. So let’s get you halfway there!


We present to you the collection of the funniest replie regarding to the the question of wearing Bikini on Indian Beaches.Take a look.On a Chennai beach, you could be mobbed and even assaulted, and whether it was prompted by approval or disapproval wouldn’t ake any difference.Feel free if you want hundred eyes gazing at you nonstop.In india, I simply never see anything that a sari does not reveal unless it is my wife.Remember Even a low neckline catches the eye.Indian women get into the sea in their saree or salwars. Bikinis will always be fine with the ogglers. A bikini here would start riot. I saw that in kerala boy were busy with binoculars at varkala beach drooling over the goris in bikinis. A bikini here would start a riot.No no Bikinis are not bad. It is nice to watch girls wearing bikini on the beach.
Topless is even better and I dont mind totally nude.When we were in Goa there was a huge Russain woman topless and a gang of 5 local boys wandered past and started laughing and pointing at her….they stood there for about 5 mins and made a big deal out it as she was sorting her towel out and flobbling all over while they were very much amused.

Freedom is not doing what one pleases for the sake of it, but the ability to make good, moral choices to fulfil our social duties to our fellow human beings. M K Gandhi Protect your skin from the tropical sunshine, rather than expose it.Two words to contemplate: skin cancer.Indian women have sarees which are the best garment in terms of beauty and grace.Indian women don’t need a bikini to look sensuou and attract pot bellied Indian males. The indian male gaze is BAD and can make any woman uncomfortable if she wears anything that is figure forget a bikini! I have seen people ogling like hungry wolves at girls who wear mini skirts even in a metropolitan like Delhi.

Well, it’s very easy to play the blame game but the fact is Indian women have pear shaped body that probably not suitable for a Bikini. Even today in relatively small towns and cities males think that girls who wear skirts or sleeveless tops are asking for it. Men in india start thinking that you are the availables type, if you wear revealing clothes.Indian women are really amazing with well curvy body .Totally covered. They look very and nice and mysterious . They only love to undress in front of their beloved .,trust me Its true. In real life even american women dont wear the dresses which hollywood celebrities wear… they r also conservative..and decent and weartheir decent daily. I’d rather see cute giggling indian ladies in saris than naked tourists anyday. I spoke to a woman in a small village in Andhra Pradesh and she had based her opinion on westerners solely on what she had seen in Pondicherry: Those half-naked westerners are all bad people.

Beware.. He wants u to get raped..or he badly needs a Psychiatrist Your should wear a bikini at your own peril. My wife cavorted around ensconsed in a sarong in the sea off beach my brother in law and me downed one beer after another to cover our distress. He whispered to me : Have you ever before seen a hippo dance . In Goa it’s true many women swim in bikinis or whatever, but it’s also true that busloads of guys from cities come to Goa and one of their main attractions is to see the scantily clad women on the beach. Are you okay with that. Then wear what you like. Your wife can go on her bikini wearing and two piece expose as she pleases but may I say that you would get to worked up on he mangoes getting a lot of attentions. Pl let me know your finding’s as my wife also is very much eager to go topless in goa.

Recently in Bangladesh, I spent some time in the Sunderban. Towards the very tip of the mangroves, we happened on a small beach where some Westerners were frolicking around in the warm shallow water, wearing bikinis.A few of the local women on the tour started calling out “Hai Allah” before making sure that their menfolk were not stopping to look.The men may have been saying the same thing, wistfully

There’s a lot of hype and chatter about the upcoming movie version of The Hunger Games. While I haven’t actually gotten around to reading the book yet (an endorsement on the cover from Twilightauthor Stephenie Meyer is putting me off slightly, as well as making me want to set fire to it), I do quite like the dystopian sci-fi sound of it. Something that really caught my attention is what I’ve been hearing about the brilliant futuristic beauty developments that the citizens of the book have at their disposal.

The lead character, Katniss remarks that “instead of struggling with the knots in my wet hair, I merely place my hand on a box that sends a current through my scalp, untangling, parting, and drying my hair almost instantly. It floats down around my shoulders in a glossy curtain”. Now there’s a timesaver and a half.

So while I’m impatiently waiting for world’s science-types to hurry up and invent the hoverboard already (you have three years guys, because according to Marty McFly, 2015 is your deadline), I’ve decided to compile a list of  inventions and gadgets from films that I wish existed in real life. Kirstie has previously covered the amazingness of Leeloo’s Chanel makeup box from The Fifth Element, so here, in no particular order, are my picks.
I got very excited when I saw this particular scene from Total Recall recently. A secretary at her desk simply picks a colour from the palette in front of her and uses her magic pen to change the colour of each nail from blue to red. No faffing about with nail polish remover, cotton wool, base coats and what have you – but instantly perfect, mess-free colour. Woo!

When Hermione, Harry and Ron end up on the run, clever Hermione has everything they need all packed into her tiny bewitched beaded bag, including a tent. How incredibly handy would that be? On a night out only to find you’re not happy with your outfit? Well if your entire wardrobe is stuffed into your bag, then problem solved! Heading to Electric Picnic and dreading the thought of lugging everything to the campsite? Fill that little bag with your tent, jumpers and wipes and you’re all set! Not to mention the fact that you could bring it on holiday with everything you could possibly need packed into it and it’d only count as hand luggage. Take that, Ryanair!