Why Indian Girls do not Wear Bikini

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Bikini
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Indian women have sarees which are the best garment in terms of beauty and grace.Indian women don’t need a bikini to look sensuous and attracts pot bellied Indian males. The indian male gaze can make any woman uncomfortable if she wears anything that is figure hugging.so forget a bikini! I have seen people ogling like hungry wolve at girls who wear mini skirts even in a metropolitan like Delhi.Well, it’s very easy to play the blame game but the fact is Indian women have pear shaped body that probably not suitable for a Bikini. Even today in relatively small towns and cities males think that girls who wear skirts or sleeveless tops are “ask for it.” Men in india start thinking that you are the available type, if you wear revealing clothes. Indian women are really amazing with well curvy body .Totally covered. They look very and nice and mysterious . They only love to undress in front of their beloved .,trust me Its true. In real life even american women dont wear the dresses which hollywood celebritie wear they r also conservative..and decent and weartheir decent daily. I did rather see cute giggling indian ladies in saris than naked tourists anyday.

I spoke to a woman in a small village in Andhra Pradesh etc and she had based her opinion on westerners solely on what she had seen in Pondicherry: “Those half-naked westerners are all bad people”. my hubby wants me to wear bikini on goa beach, juhu beach also wants me to shed it on the beach and go topless sud i do it? He is not your husband Beware.. He wants u to get raped..or he badly need a PsychiatristYes go for it Even bottomless is okay Your should wear a bikinis at your own peril. My wife cavorted around ensconsed in a sarong in the sea off beach while my brother in law and me downed one beer after another to cover our distress. He whispered to me : “Have you ever before seen a hippo dance ?” In Goa it is true many women swim in bikinis or whatever, but it’s also true that busloads of guys from cities come to Goa and one of their main attractions is to see the scantily clad women on the beach. Are you okay with that? Then wear what you like.Your wife can go on her bikini wearing and two piece expose as she pleases but may I say that you would get to worked up on he mangoes getting a lot of attentions.

Please let me know your finding as women also is very much eager to go topless in goa. Recently in Bangladesh, I spent some time in the Sunderbans. Toward the very tip of the mangroves, we happened on a small beach where some Westerners were frolicking around in the warm shallow water, wearing bikinis.A few of the (local) women on the tour started calling out “Hai Allah” before making sure that their menfolk weren’t stopping to look.The men may have been saying the same thing, wistfully. I had a dip in the water with my 2 piece swimmer on plus a t-shirt and shorts and I had 4 Indian guys come to stand around where I was. I moved and 2 of the guys followed me. It was quite annoying to me quite frankly as they were invading my personal space. I ventured into tamil nadu and my first foray onto the beach at pondicherry had me surrounded by roughly a hundred admriers (who blocked the bloody sun for about an hour!).

I did not really see many indian women swimming. Closest was a few who removed thier outer sari and paddled in the under petticoat ( always with husband or older son in attendance). Indian women do not usually swim. They may bathe in holy waters, which they do indeed do in their everyday garments. In Amritsar, they dip into the holy waters undressed to their panties/knickers – within a special building so that no men can see them. I remember getting out of the water assisted by my boyfriend, who brought a towel into the water to cover me as I came out, and still there were 30+ men staring at whatever was visible. Even a swimsuit is a big thing for an Indian girl. It is modesty. Is considered indecent to show a body in public. Only a few city bred girls wear a swim suit.And Indian village girls bathe in rivers and ponds fully clothed! They are good natural swimmers and swim fully clothes which is wearing long skirts.


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