A woman in blue bikini climbs into a swimming pool at a luxury spa resort

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Bikini
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As a model posed for photographers in a sexy cut away bikini on a windy New York rooftop, it could have been just any fashion shoot. But Andrej Pejic is not just any model. He the fashion world’s man of the moment and he models womens wear more successfully than almost any of his peers.Of course, having a man wearing women’s clothes is guaranteed to make headlines but Pejic also helps shift the garment. And he has been called on to help sell everything from Givenchy to push-up bras. She just turned 50 this month, but Sheryl Crow has a figure that could rival women half her age. The rocker, who recently celebrated the milestone on February , Was seen grinning from ear to ear as she showed off her super toned figure in a patterned bikini on the beaches of Hawaii yesterday. The All I Want To Do hitmaker took to the water with her adorable adopted sons Levi and Wyat.

Levi giggled with delight as he and his famous mother sat on sunlounger on the sand. Later in the day, Sheryl, who covered up in a denim kaftan style top, was seen cradling her son close to her chest as the pair walked down the beach.Sheryl has been somewhat out of the spotlight since last Summer, when she released her most recent record 100 Miles From Memphis.Today Dahab has evolved into an “alternative resort” – the home of independent & adventurous travellers, but also with some more upmarket resorts & hotels. Most of the latter are in the Laguna area or outlying. For some people, this mix is part of Dahab’s charm (“everyone welcome”), others regard the mix up as a problem Prices in Assalah are artificially increased which makes it less and less interesting for backpackers, though some locally-run camps still keep affordable. In contrast to that, many package tourists and families won’t feel comfortable with the lacking conveniences and the all-handmade-look among the hippies. Note the grotesque, forever unfinished concrete structures as a sign of this mismanagement

You don’t have to be religious to feel disgusted at seeing a picture of Goddess Lakshmi on a bikini bottom. It is simply disrespectful and cheap. A recent addition to the archive of such outrageous pictures the photo is paraded by a model walking the ramp for designer Lisa Blue at the recent Australian Fashion Week. International designer obsession with Hindu With most stylists ignorant of devotees sentiments, there have been several examples of highly acclaimed designers even the likes of Roberto Cavalli – crossing the boundary with offensive clothing. Cavalli’s attempt to create a swimwear line with Hindu deities printed on them had received an aggressive reaction from the public.He had to withdraw the blasphemous bikinis and was reportedly shocked by the furore he had caused.

One of his spokespersons was believed to have said the designer aim was to celebrate Hindu culture, and not to denigrate it. In the past, there have been instances of footwear being sold with impressions of Lord Ganesha, and of deity impressions on toilet seats. In 2008, actress Heidi Klum was spotted dressed up and posing as Goddess Kali for a Halloween party in New York. Indian designers have, till now, avoided indulging in such activities. Fashion designer Rina Dhaka says: “As artists, designers have the freedom to translate their sensibilities into their clothing. But there is a thin line between sensational creativity and sensationalism.” “At times, international designers, who know little about the different religions of the world, make a statement which stands out to be politically incorrect.

Let’s just hope that even though this is not the first time when Hindu sentiments have been trampled – established swimwear designer Lisa Blue attempt to create a splash in the fashion world was not a publicity stunt, but a genuine slip-up


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