Guest Post: why you wear a two piece swimsuit over a one piece

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Guest Post
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Today we are joined on the Reasons sofa by Susan Bodack. Susan is a blogger for Beauty & the Beach, a swimwears and fashion blog by In It will come as no surprise, then, that her guest post is all about that most puzzling of conundrum. What kind of swimsuit to go for.When many women hear the words “two-piece swimsuit,” panic starts to set in and confidence levels start to drop. I’m here to tell you that everything you think you know about two-pieces is probably wrong. You don’t have to be a supermodel or even freakishly good looking to wear one. Regardless of your size or body type, you should opt to wear a two-piece swimsuit over a one-piece. Sorry fellas, this post is strictly for the ladies. But you can thank me later.

Show Off That Bikini Bod
As I mentioned in the intro, you don’t have to be flawless to look flawless in a two pieces swimsuit. Lucky for us ladies (myself included) there are different types of two-pieces besides those skimpy string bikinis. For those who are in shape and have spent months perfecting that bikini bod for summer, a two piece bikinis gives you an excuse to show off that hard earned body. But for those who are a bit more athletically-challenged, a tankini-style two-piece swimsuit may be more your styles.

Tan Lines Are NOT Sexy
The jury in, ladie. Tan lines are NOT sexy. Unless you’re into nude beaches, tan lines are pretty much inevitable during summer; but the less you have, the better. A two-piece swimsuit exposes more of your skin than a one-piece, whether you’re wearing a skimpy bikini or a tankini. And with tankinis, you can still pull your top up a bit to let your stomach see the light of day, which I highly recommend

Going Pee Is Easy as 1, 2, 3!
If you’ve ever worn a one-piece, you know that something so simple as going to the bathroom can become quite the hassle. Unlike one-pieces, a two-piece swimsuit makes going pee as easy as 1, 2, 3. With two-pieces, you do not have to practically get undressed in the stall just to do your business. Some may argue that there are ways around it but let’s not get inventive and make things harder for your self for no good reason.

Swimsuit Weather is Hot Duh
When it comes time to bust out the swimsuits, you know it’s pretty hot out. When you go to and from the beaches, pool or wherever your watering hole may be, chances are you probably just throw on your cover-up. A two-piece swimsuit feels more like typical undergarment and less like a layer of clothing, and during the hot and humid weather, you want to have as little on as possible… without getting arrested.

Next Best Thing…
Let me just start off by saying that I DO NOT condone public nudity. Now that I got that disclosure out of the way, wearing a two-piece swimsuit is definitely the next best thing to being naked. Let us be honest we all walk around in the buff from time to time in the privacy of our own homes. It gives us a sense of freedom. Sure, there are some nude beaches around, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of us prefer public beaches.

Wax On, Wax Off
No, I’m not referring to Mr. Miyagi’s words of wisdom, but rather a good old-fashioned bikini wax. I know what you are thinking. Bikini waxes are no fun. But you know what they say… No pain, no gain! Despite what you may think, everyone need some maintenance down there, whether you’re a man or woman. Since wearing a two-piece swimsuit exposes more of your body than a one-piece, it’s the perfect excuse to go get waxed. It’s one of those necessary evil and I promise it’s not that bad. And I’m sure your significant other will greatly appreciated it.

Um, Excuse me, Grandma
Whether you are a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit wearer, you can’t deny that one-pieces tend to get the short end of the stick; there less of a selection, they’re always done in boring dark solid colors, there’s less variety in styles and well, they’re just not at pretty as two-piece swimsuit styles. We all know that once you hit a certain age, gravity starts to take its toll on certain, ahem, feature. Celebrate your body while you have still got it going on. Whether you are stick skinny or curvaliciou, always choose a two piece swimsuit. Save the one-pieces for grandma.

The bikini is the Eternal Flame from the Kim Kardashian line for Beach Bunny, so it is not surprising that the bootyliciou reality star wore the same sizzling suit in frolicked in the waves trying to cover up her ample assets in her very own little white bikini while on vacation in Mexico too. Both women have been leading with Kim getting married in an over the top $18 million dollar wedding to Kris Humphries and filing for divorce just 72 days later and LeAnn tying the knot with Eddie Cibrian following the demise of their respective marriages to other people.

If you’re a one-piece kind of woman hankering for a bikini-ready body, I have got news for you: EVERY body is bikini ready! Got tits of some sort? Got a crotch to cover? That’s what a bikini is for! When fashion magazines talk about “a bikini body”, they are just selling you more insecurity. If you want to wear a bikini, all you need is a Bikini Mind.

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