Couture to drape extreme geeks show off your booty

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Bikini

I had a dip in the water with my 2 piece swimmers on plus a t-shirt and shorts and I had 4 Indian guys come to stand around where I was. I moved and 2 of the guys followed me. It was quite annoying to me quite frankly as they were invading my personal space. I ventured into tamil nadu and my first foray onto the beach at pondicherry had me surrounded by roughly a hundred admriers who blocked the bloody sun for about an hour. I did not really see many indian women swimming. Closest was a few who removed thier outer sari and paddled in the under petticoat alway with husband or older son in attendance. Indian women do not usually swim. They may bathe in holy waters, which they do indeed do in their everyday garments. In Amritsar, they dip into the holy water undressed to their panties/knickers within a special building so that no men can see them.

I remember getting out of the water assisted by my boyfriend, who brought a towel into the water to cover me as I came out, and still there were 50+ men staring at whatever was visible. Even a swimsuit is a big thing for an Indian girl. It is modesty. Is considered indecent to show a body in public. Only a few city bred girls wear a swim suit.And Indian village girls bathe in rivers and ponds fully clothed! They are good natural swimmers and swim fully clothes which is wearing long skirts. India is notorious for harassment of women (particularly white women), it the whole colonialism and forbidden fruit thing.

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