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When Quick silver decided to start a women clothing and apparel line in 1990, it was a gutsy move. The surf market has always been a fickle one. And female surfers, despite their achievements in and out of the water, had not drummed up nearly as much the notoriety nor the community that male surfers had long enjoyed.

The new millennium has brought an exciting and eclectic evolution of Roxy, with a full line of snowboard introduced in 2003, produced in partnership with industry innovator Mervin Manufacturing; Luna Bay, a Roxy Girl Series, seven young adult fiction novels also released in 2003; a new toddlers’ line in stores Spring of 2005; a soon-to-be-debuted fragrance line; and the imminent arrival of Roxy Ski, a line of skis and boots produced in partnership with Rossignol Dynastar brand.

Strong retail presence is key to a strong brand, and Roxy retail stores were the perfect opportunity to showcase the Roxy clothing and Roxy life styles. The first freestanding Roxy store was opened in Hawaii in 1997, and another store followed in 2000 in Southern California’s South Coast Plaza. The Roxy retail chain now features stores all over the world, offering a taste of the Roxy clothing and Roxy surf life style to girls everywhere. Roxy is now a $400 million clothing and lifestyle brand, offering clothing and products for every aspect of the active girl’s life. From handbags to henleys, wetsuits to tide watches, the key ingredient of Roxy products is that inimitable Roxy spirit. Daring, confident, naturally beautiful, fun, alive: Roxy.


Though much of the acting was mediocre, the entire rescue scene was very well done and was, in my opinion, the best part of the movies. I had to remind myself that Bethany was going to live.Again, two Scripture verses are mentioned in the movie. The first verse was quoted by the youth pastor before the attack, and the second verse is mentioned by Bethany’s father. While Bethany lay recovering in the hospital after the accident, she asks her father when she can surf again. He encourages her with Philippian. However, it worth mentioning that he quotes a Bible version that uses “Him” instead of “Christ.” He smiles at Bethany and says, “You can do all things through Him who gives you strength.” During her first attempt to compete after the accident, Bethany wipes out and has to be pulled to shore. She tells her father, “I can’t do this anymore.” She seems to be quitting surfing for good, as she give her surf boards away to some little girl who ask for her autograph. Her father is upset by her decision; however, her mother seems relieved, wanting Bethany to realize that there is more to life than surfing.Bethany winds up going on another mission trip with her youth groups. As she sees the terrible suffering of tsunami victims in Southeast Asia, she appear to begin to see beyond herself. One woman tearfully describes to Bethany what her village has been through and how she’s lost everything. Bethany gets choked up and walks away from the scene. Her youth pastor tells her, “Don’t be sorry for compassion – it can move you to do amazing things.”

It seems Bethany is beginning to understand that “surfing is not the most important thing in the world.” But, when she gets home, she decides to surf again; presumably, after reading letters from those who have been inspired by her example, she wants to inspire the handicapped, or those who have been through difficult trials. However, in the movie, the message seems to be if she can do it, so can they, rather than directing them to the Source of her strength, a relationship with Her Savior. At this point, if the movie was intended to show Bethany Christian faith, it would have been easy to make clear. Perhaps quoting another Bible verse would have been appropriate: “For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong”. While one could certainly get caught up in the emotional drama of this powerful story, we need to try to evaluate the “film” for what it is, which is simply a Hollywood movie “based on a true story.” Soul Surfer was certainly “inspiring,” in the same way other “tragedy to triumph” stories are inspiring (see Ice Castles); but, it was not the Christian faith-builder it’s been promoted to be.

While Soul Surfer pointed to family, kindness, and determination, it did not point to Jesus. There was no Gospel or redemptive message in the movies. For the record, I don’t think a movie has to be produced by Christian, or be about Christians, to glorify God. At the same time, I think it can be produced by Christians, even be about Christians, and still fail to glorify God. A secular movie review I read didn’t seem to even realize there wassupposed to be a “Christian message,” and acknowledged what so many Christian are failing to see, that Soul Surfer has the typical “athlete-overcomes-obstacle story line.” If the secular crowd doesn’t even notice or acknowledge a Christian message, then how exactly is Jesus getting the glory? Regardless of Bethany Hamilton’s true life and testimony, the movie depicts a determined young girl, with a supportive family and friends, who refuses to give up her dream of surfing. I saw only brief nods to Christianity, even during deeply emotional scenes. Except for Bethany’s faint cry for help from Jesus as she is losing blood and being raced to the hospital, no one ever prays or speak of Christ. The only other prayer that takes place in the movie is when the Hamilton family says grace before a meal. At the end of the movie, when asked by a reporter if she wished now that she had never gone surfing that day, I’m not sure what I expected Bethany to say. But with all the hype about the movie being a powerful Christian testimony, I guess I expected something distinctly…well, Christian. What Bethany said could have been said by a girl of any religion, “I can embrace more people with one arm than I ever could with two.” It seems, too often, Hollywood uses Christians for free marketing. If they can produce a movie that shows enough flesh to sell in the secular market, all they have to do convince the Christians that it has a godly message and we’ll find a way to excuse the immodesty

First, they will need a good moving story (we Christians like to cry…thinking like a movie promoter here). If they can find a story where someone does an amazing good deed, or an athlete (we love our sports too) becomes a hero by overcoming some huge obstacle especially if it’s true they have hit the jackpot. Now all they have to do is throw us a few bones to make it “Christian” enough for us to tell our friends and buy the tickets.In the case of Soul Surfer, all they needed were two verses, a female youth pastor, a worship song, and the flash of a Bible. Throw in a deeply moving (true) story about a sweet Christian girl who pulls herself up by her bootstraps (or bikini straps) and we’re hooked. I don’t believe that Scripture has to be used in a film in order for God to be glorified. I also don’t think a movie has to present the Gospel, talk about Jesus, or be about a Christian family. However, Christian groups seem to use the fact that Hollywood threw us a few bones in Soul Surfer as a reason for calling it a Christian film and using it as a ministry tool.

As a model posed for photographers in a sexy cut away bikini on a windy New York rooftop, it could have been just any fashion shoot. But Andrej Pejic is not just any model. He the fashion world’s man of the moment and he models womens wear more successfully than almost any of his peers.Of course, having a man wearing women’s clothes is guaranteed to make headlines but Pejic also helps shift the garment. And he has been called on to help sell everything from Givenchy to push-up bras. She just turned 50 this month, but Sheryl Crow has a figure that could rival women half her age. The rocker, who recently celebrated the milestone on February , Was seen grinning from ear to ear as she showed off her super toned figure in a patterned bikini on the beaches of Hawaii yesterday. The All I Want To Do hitmaker took to the water with her adorable adopted sons Levi and Wyat.

Levi giggled with delight as he and his famous mother sat on sunlounger on the sand. Later in the day, Sheryl, who covered up in a denim kaftan style top, was seen cradling her son close to her chest as the pair walked down the beach.Sheryl has been somewhat out of the spotlight since last Summer, when she released her most recent record 100 Miles From Memphis.Today Dahab has evolved into an “alternative resort” – the home of independent & adventurous travellers, but also with some more upmarket resorts & hotels. Most of the latter are in the Laguna area or outlying. For some people, this mix is part of Dahab’s charm (“everyone welcome”), others regard the mix up as a problem Prices in Assalah are artificially increased which makes it less and less interesting for backpackers, though some locally-run camps still keep affordable. In contrast to that, many package tourists and families won’t feel comfortable with the lacking conveniences and the all-handmade-look among the hippies. Note the grotesque, forever unfinished concrete structures as a sign of this mismanagement

You don’t have to be religious to feel disgusted at seeing a picture of Goddess Lakshmi on a bikini bottom. It is simply disrespectful and cheap. A recent addition to the archive of such outrageous pictures the photo is paraded by a model walking the ramp for designer Lisa Blue at the recent Australian Fashion Week. International designer obsession with Hindu With most stylists ignorant of devotees sentiments, there have been several examples of highly acclaimed designers even the likes of Roberto Cavalli – crossing the boundary with offensive clothing. Cavalli’s attempt to create a swimwear line with Hindu deities printed on them had received an aggressive reaction from the public.He had to withdraw the blasphemous bikinis and was reportedly shocked by the furore he had caused.

One of his spokespersons was believed to have said the designer aim was to celebrate Hindu culture, and not to denigrate it. In the past, there have been instances of footwear being sold with impressions of Lord Ganesha, and of deity impressions on toilet seats. In 2008, actress Heidi Klum was spotted dressed up and posing as Goddess Kali for a Halloween party in New York. Indian designers have, till now, avoided indulging in such activities. Fashion designer Rina Dhaka says: “As artists, designers have the freedom to translate their sensibilities into their clothing. But there is a thin line between sensational creativity and sensationalism.” “At times, international designers, who know little about the different religions of the world, make a statement which stands out to be politically incorrect.

Let’s just hope that even though this is not the first time when Hindu sentiments have been trampled – established swimwear designer Lisa Blue attempt to create a splash in the fashion world was not a publicity stunt, but a genuine slip-up

Soul Surfer, the popular new movie produced by secular group tri star Pictures, is all the rage now a dayes. Heavily marketed to Christians, the film tells the dramatic story of 13-year-old Bethany Hamilton (played by 17-year-old AnnaSophia Rob), a Christian teen surfer in Hawaii who lost her arm in 2003 after a shark attacks. Soul Surfer demonstrates Bethany’s courageous journey back into his daily life, particularly surfing the waves she desperately love. While the film makes it clear that Bethany is a Christian, the story seems to focus most heavily on her strong will, and conclusion and passion for surfing. As an example, arriving late for a seaside church service, Bethany throws a cover-up over her wet bikini, and takes a seat. As family and friends finish singing “Blessed Be Your Name,” Bethany continues to gaze out over the ocean, seeming to long for the wave. One of the first questions she asks her father after the accident is, -When can I surf again?

In a day when the dysfunctional family is portrayed in movie and television as “the norm,” the Hamilton’s close-knit, loving family is refreshing. However, Bethany displays character issues that, for the most part, seem to go unaddressed by her parents. After breaking her commitment to go on a mission trip, so that she can train for a surfing competition, Bethany complains to her mother that her youth pastor is trying to make her feel guilty for not going. Her mother’s expression shows some disapproval; however, rather than discuss with Bethany the problem with broken promises, she tells the young teen, “It’s your call.” All children sin, so, we should expect to see sin dealt with in the story of any “real” family. But I have to wonder if the movie accurately portrayed Bethany real interaction with her parents. Bethany and her best friend, Alana, dressed only in skimpy bikinis, sneak out one night while the family is sleeping to attends a beach party where there is lots of partying, older boys, music, bikinis, moonlight, and midnight firework.

Bethany’s mom asks her daughter why she didn’t just ask. Dad, seeming to side with Bethany, walks by and casually says, “Because she knew you’d say no.” Bethany questions her mother, “Would you have let me go?” Mom falters, “No…I don’t know.” The lack of fatherly protection from Bethany’s Christian dad, as portrayed in this scene, is disappointing, giving the impression that “cool” parents are hands-off in their approach toward their teenage children.
Even though Bethany is only 13 years old, we see no repercussions from this incident; instead, everyone heads out the door with a cheerful kiss and good byeee. There is no discussion of danger, no talk of deception, no rebuke, and no consequence.The immodesty throughout the film is significant, as nearly the entire movie takes place on the beach where most of the women wear skimpy swimwear and the men go shirtles. The surfing scenes are particularly problematic as bikini-clad surfers are filmed curving around the waves from various compromising angles.Though there are no “sex scenes,” the nearly constant display of beautiful, tan, near-naked young Hollywood actresses still make sex an issue. If a man would find it difficult not to lust sitting at a crowded beach watching beautiful women in bikinis walk by, then he will probably have a hard time with this movie.

It is important to recognize that we live in a sex-saturated culture. Many men, Christian men, struggle daily with internet pornography. For instance, Promise Keepers conducted a survey after one of their stadium events, and one of the most troubling discoveries was that over 50% of the men in attendance admitted to being involved with pornography within one week after attending the event. Many men and boys (and some women), even those without pornography issues, may find this movie a stumbling block. In one scene, Bethany best friend, Alana Blanchard (played by 20-year-old Lorraine Nicholson), poses in a string bikini for a photo shoot, something Bethany was scheduled to be involved in too, before the accident. Alana strikes various sultry poses, as the male photographers snaps pictures of her with her surf board, telling her how beautiful she is. A group of admiring teen boys stands in the sidelines watching, offering cat calls, which Alana seems to welcome. Afterward, she changes her bikini on the beach behind a couples of towels held up by friends, while the young men look on.

After the accident, Bethany has to learn to do everything with only one arm. One brief scene shows her from behind, with a close-up of her bare back, struggling to tie her bikini. While this surely shows one of the many new struggles in her life, was it really necessary to portray her challenges in this way? Does anyone wonder if this might be problematic for just about any boy or man watching?At youth group, Bethany’s youth pastor tries to encourage the kids by quoting Jeremiah 29:11 (one of only two Scripture verses mentioned in the movie). She uses the NIV version, which says, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Bethany seems to grasps this message. Bethany’s life appears to be going just the way she wants: Sunshine, surfing, and good times with friends and family. “Can you believe we get to do this every day?” Then tragedy strikes. As a mother, my heart sunk the terrible moment Bethany was attacked by the shark. I felt the panic when Bethany’s mother dropped the phone on the ground and raced to get to the hospital. I experienced her father’s pain when he heard the news that it was in fact his daughter who had been attacked by a shark. I suffered the crushing fear as the emergency room doors shut on Bethany’s mother and family as doctors scrambled to save Bethany’s life.

Today we are joined on the Reasons sofa by Susan Bodack. Susan is a blogger for Beauty & the Beach, a swimwears and fashion blog by In It will come as no surprise, then, that her guest post is all about that most puzzling of conundrum. What kind of swimsuit to go for.When many women hear the words “two-piece swimsuit,” panic starts to set in and confidence levels start to drop. I’m here to tell you that everything you think you know about two-pieces is probably wrong. You don’t have to be a supermodel or even freakishly good looking to wear one. Regardless of your size or body type, you should opt to wear a two-piece swimsuit over a one-piece. Sorry fellas, this post is strictly for the ladies. But you can thank me later.

Show Off That Bikini Bod
As I mentioned in the intro, you don’t have to be flawless to look flawless in a two pieces swimsuit. Lucky for us ladies (myself included) there are different types of two-pieces besides those skimpy string bikinis. For those who are in shape and have spent months perfecting that bikini bod for summer, a two piece bikinis gives you an excuse to show off that hard earned body. But for those who are a bit more athletically-challenged, a tankini-style two-piece swimsuit may be more your styles.

Tan Lines Are NOT Sexy
The jury in, ladie. Tan lines are NOT sexy. Unless you’re into nude beaches, tan lines are pretty much inevitable during summer; but the less you have, the better. A two-piece swimsuit exposes more of your skin than a one-piece, whether you’re wearing a skimpy bikini or a tankini. And with tankinis, you can still pull your top up a bit to let your stomach see the light of day, which I highly recommend

Going Pee Is Easy as 1, 2, 3!
If you’ve ever worn a one-piece, you know that something so simple as going to the bathroom can become quite the hassle. Unlike one-pieces, a two-piece swimsuit makes going pee as easy as 1, 2, 3. With two-pieces, you do not have to practically get undressed in the stall just to do your business. Some may argue that there are ways around it but let’s not get inventive and make things harder for your self for no good reason.

Swimsuit Weather is Hot Duh
When it comes time to bust out the swimsuits, you know it’s pretty hot out. When you go to and from the beaches, pool or wherever your watering hole may be, chances are you probably just throw on your cover-up. A two-piece swimsuit feels more like typical undergarment and less like a layer of clothing, and during the hot and humid weather, you want to have as little on as possible… without getting arrested.

Next Best Thing…
Let me just start off by saying that I DO NOT condone public nudity. Now that I got that disclosure out of the way, wearing a two-piece swimsuit is definitely the next best thing to being naked. Let us be honest we all walk around in the buff from time to time in the privacy of our own homes. It gives us a sense of freedom. Sure, there are some nude beaches around, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of us prefer public beaches.

Wax On, Wax Off
No, I’m not referring to Mr. Miyagi’s words of wisdom, but rather a good old-fashioned bikini wax. I know what you are thinking. Bikini waxes are no fun. But you know what they say… No pain, no gain! Despite what you may think, everyone need some maintenance down there, whether you’re a man or woman. Since wearing a two-piece swimsuit exposes more of your body than a one-piece, it’s the perfect excuse to go get waxed. It’s one of those necessary evil and I promise it’s not that bad. And I’m sure your significant other will greatly appreciated it.

Um, Excuse me, Grandma
Whether you are a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit wearer, you can’t deny that one-pieces tend to get the short end of the stick; there less of a selection, they’re always done in boring dark solid colors, there’s less variety in styles and well, they’re just not at pretty as two-piece swimsuit styles. We all know that once you hit a certain age, gravity starts to take its toll on certain, ahem, feature. Celebrate your body while you have still got it going on. Whether you are stick skinny or curvaliciou, always choose a two piece swimsuit. Save the one-pieces for grandma.

The bikini is the Eternal Flame from the Kim Kardashian line for Beach Bunny, so it is not surprising that the bootyliciou reality star wore the same sizzling suit in frolicked in the waves trying to cover up her ample assets in her very own little white bikini while on vacation in Mexico too. Both women have been leading with Kim getting married in an over the top $18 million dollar wedding to Kris Humphries and filing for divorce just 72 days later and LeAnn tying the knot with Eddie Cibrian following the demise of their respective marriages to other people.

If you’re a one-piece kind of woman hankering for a bikini-ready body, I have got news for you: EVERY body is bikini ready! Got tits of some sort? Got a crotch to cover? That’s what a bikini is for! When fashion magazines talk about “a bikini body”, they are just selling you more insecurity. If you want to wear a bikini, all you need is a Bikini Mind.

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I had a dip in the water with my 2 piece swimmers on plus a t-shirt and shorts and I had 4 Indian guys come to stand around where I was. I moved and 2 of the guys followed me. It was quite annoying to me quite frankly as they were invading my personal space. I ventured into tamil nadu and my first foray onto the beach at pondicherry had me surrounded by roughly a hundred admriers who blocked the bloody sun for about an hour. I did not really see many indian women swimming. Closest was a few who removed thier outer sari and paddled in the under petticoat alway with husband or older son in attendance. Indian women do not usually swim. They may bathe in holy waters, which they do indeed do in their everyday garments. In Amritsar, they dip into the holy water undressed to their panties/knickers within a special building so that no men can see them.

I remember getting out of the water assisted by my boyfriend, who brought a towel into the water to cover me as I came out, and still there were 50+ men staring at whatever was visible. Even a swimsuit is a big thing for an Indian girl. It is modesty. Is considered indecent to show a body in public. Only a few city bred girls wear a swim suit.And Indian village girls bathe in rivers and ponds fully clothed! They are good natural swimmers and swim fully clothes which is wearing long skirts. India is notorious for harassment of women (particularly white women), it the whole colonialism and forbidden fruit thing.

With designer swimwear, hand crafted detail, enhanced fit, and varying rear cuts are common but do sizes vary Finding the bikini that fits yours style is easier with the help of our Fashion Advisor, always there to give you swimwear advice based on your sizing specifications. Our Fashion Advisors have seen and tried on every single bikini on our site, old or new, and can give you customized advice on what size would fit best based on your preference. To get access to your bathing suit shopping experience, simply email us.